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Felix Kitchen and Bar

Budapest, I. 



The beautiful stand-alone building was designed by famous Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl, and it originally hosted the pump engine house supplying water for the royal castle: water was sourced from the Danube, and following purification, it was forwarded to the Castle with the help of two pumps. By 1905 the ‘water house’ lost its original function, and that was the time when Ybl’s unique solution was fully realized: the kiosk masking the industrial function (the Northern part of the building) actually and absolutely ‘took over’ priority within the building. The more than hundred years-long metamorphoses of the building, a kiosk-story in a nutshell. My job was to contribute to the creation of an atmosphere that fits the history of the building and at the same time lightens the mood. The main aspects were warmth, comfort and convenience, which I achieved by choosing high-quality materials and rich textures that serve decorating purposes but are also in harmony with Felix's collection of contemporary artworks. I tried to enhence the feeling of agelessness and choose accessories that invite the building's colourful frescoes into the space with their airiness and pastel colours. I choose accessories, furniture and also live plants while paying attention to making the common areas more practical and better adjusted to the customers' needs. 

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