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At Patina, we would like to reward regular customers and professionals who keep their eyes on our business for any reason and return to us month after month! Because our pricing does not allow us to offer 30-50% discounts for a broad audience, but it is definitely important for us to honour our regular customers, we have figured out a way to give a 24-hour advantage to members of our own customer community and also reserve discounts for them.


The stock changes from week to week, but for logistical reasons we only add new items to the webshop once a month, so a small space is created where we can favour those who want to be informed about the changes in the stock before everyone else.


24 hours before they would be uploaded to the webshop, you will receive everything by e-mail that will only be visible to the general public the following day! In addition to this, we also invite you to online private sale events and all the goodies, where many beautiful objects found their home already.

If you’re an interior designer and want a concise preview of what’s expected, or you just want to make sure the Facebook algorithm doesn’t separate us from each other, sign up and we guarantee to keep you informed only about the most important news. We have a special program for decorators and designers, so please get in touch and find out about the details. 

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