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Gulyás Zsuzsi

My work is based on the idea that good design is timeless and serves the purpose of being fresh and surprising, but also practical. Inspiration is drawn from myriad sources, both past and present, and all projects feature a broad range of bespoke pieces. Creating a cosy space with close attention to detail while using second hand, vintage and upcycled materials has great importance to me. With an environmentally conscious approach, I deliver the best possible options to my clients based on their interest, lifestyle and personality.

With more than 10 years of experience in the advertising business, I offer services which are geared towards the ever-changing needs of ad agencies, in line with their clients' budget. Me and my small team provide props and create sets for photoshoots, short films and ads while keeping an eye on brand attributes and continuity. We also take on creating visual materials, including photos, stop-motion shots and videos for brand-specific social media calendars in my home-studio or at any outside location.

I like to show things in their most natural state. My job is to find the right angle, method and style to compliment the ingredients! From concept to execution, recipes and photography, keeping brand attributes in mind, I create plates which are both eccentric and stylish, not to mention edible. Moving away from hairspray practices of the 80s, I am to break the urban legend of burgers made of bath sponges. Evolving a brand takes persistence and a strong concept, both of which are at my team's disposal.

HERZ // Pick // Sio // hohes C // DOUPLA // REGE // Profi // Gallio // Pro9ge55 // Felicita // Felix //

A la Masion // Da Rose // Mitte Communications //

Acai Spot // BadHanna // Zwack // TATI // Botaniq

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Flavor Magazine

I introduce myself

Here is Zsuzsi, who can be so happy for a little daikon instead of kohlrabi that even

he also put it in his goulash soup.

Flavor Magazine

Triple screw

Triple screw: wine and bread

under the lacy Kalmar chandelier.

Flavor Magazine

Beach Buffet?

On the beach, in the ports on the shores of Lake Balaton or just

you can also eat good at Lake Venice!

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