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Budapest, XII. 



The Acai Spot superfood bar with fresh ingredients, berries and healthy brunch options was only imaginable to me in a wild, novel, jungle-like environment. We have created an imagined world based on exotic raw materials, which extends like an oasis on the ground floor of the Hegyvidék Shopping Center all the way to the main entrance. The purple brand colour echoes in the vegetation, the unique ceramic objects and many accessories, together with the willow green with the lush vegetation and colourful, uniquely designed wallpaper. In the interior design space designed by URBA, I chose gentle pastels and vibrant mauve, patterned fabrics and bamboo accessories to complement the natural wood and earthy colours. The jungle atmosphere and the visual separation from the shopping centre are provided by sprawling palms, hanging plant pots and a florarium planted with wild orchids. In the first hour of creating the concept, ceramic parrots were flying in front of my mind's eye, which now found a home on the deli counter. The wooden cube menu board also sweetly shows the current offer. 

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