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Vienna, Walcherstraße



Thanks to the serious light and sound engineering work, Darose operates as a restaurant during the day, and as a bar at night in one of Vienna's business districts. Accordingly, the decor had to be devised in such a way as to provide a pleasant atmosphere during the day, but not to get in the way of the party crowd at night. The almost brutalist lines of the building dictated the modern-contemporary interior that Socially Budapest dreamed up. To complement this, I chose latticed, textured materials in decoration that are slightly industrial, but create a gentle and playful effect. The curved shapes of the lamps, and the interplay of glass and metal worked beautifully with the lights and plants, softening the space and filling it with life. Due to the light conditions, I worked with a number of coloured, dried plants and air plants, but the window spaces were decorated with banana trees, palm trees and bonsai to make the most of the constantly changing light conditions. The walls of the restaurant are decorated with a unique wallpaper with the portraits of the owners, David Alaba and his wife Rose May Alaba, in colours of which I selected the shades of the smaller furnishings. Due to the function of the space, many elements of typical restaurant decor, like decorative pillows, floor vases, room dividers, were left out, but the wall decor, shelf decor and local lighting fixtures made up for them perfectly. For the washrooms, I bought special accessories and toiletries, as well as hygiene products, which I felt were vital and expected from the local crowd.

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