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Originally intended for outdoor use, the Egg Chair is one of the most exciting pieces of Cold War era design. Not only because of its characteristic spherical shape, reminiscent of the space age of the sixties, but also because of the circumstances of its creation. The armchair was made according to the plans of Peter Ghyczy, who emigrated from Hungary to East Germany - in the GDR. The logical somersault was caused by the fact that the manufacturer was able to ensure series production in the GDR at a cheaper price, thus the armchair gradually became an iconic piece of East German design. The portable, foldable armchairs with a glossy lacquered surface were made even more comfortable by a colorful pillow.

Méret: 72 x 36 x 84 cm

Péter Ghyczy eggchair in original condition

SKU: 1387
445 000 FtPrice
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