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Creating the concept of the apartment on Radnoti Street proved to be an exciting challenge all the way through the interior design process. The owner's extensive art collection and maximalism all proved to be such grateful circumstances that were not only a source of continuous inspiration but also a starting point for interesting conversations. The mid-century modern style is the common language we spoke from the beginning. I knew that every piece in this space has significance and can only be included for a good reason. It was important to maintain an airy feeling and choose delicately designed furniture, which is always of prime importance in my work. The works of art were only placed in their final place during the furnishing process, so the colour tones had to be able to adapt to the collection in each room. The accessories already offered an excellent opportunity to coordinate the colours and a harmonious yet eclectic home was born, where I could move into at any time. Pieces were selected from the region and several Hungarian designers' works were primarily included such as the solid wood bed made by ReBirth Furniture, or the VUUV Works Lloyd bedside table, which we used as a side table in the hall. The bright blue geometric lamps in the kitchen were made by Lampalu.

Photos: Csaba Villányi

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